April 24, 2014

my room is clean nd i live :) 

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she’s turning 30 this year


she’s turning 30 this year

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To the Boys Who May One Day Date My Daughter - Video



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Prince George was like, “You bring the future king this paltry offering?”

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the rebirth of banks

happy easter

i’m sorry i’m rooting for her or whatever but it is hilarious that you can see her weave moving but her edges are colored/glued in place.

go away

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this was my favourite hero movie of all time omg like i was watching the nickelback spiderman music video & omg lmao

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“Despite everything, I believe that people are really good at heart.”
- Anne Frank

she should do a hm collection

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The Shining (1980)


The Shining (1980)

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things are gonna get easier

things are gonna get easier

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People being angry about ~dem gays~ on Target’s Facebook.

I just want to give my two cents on this and tell you a story.

A couple weeks ago, I was hired at Target. I have a job at Target. Not a big deal right?

It is a big deal because i’m a transman

It doesn’t take a genius to conclude that it’s hard for me, my brothers, and sisters to get a job. There are legal restraints regarding the job and if you don’t pass, it’s hard to be taken seriously at a job interview.

Right on the application, it asks what your preferred name is. It also asks if there is anything that target should know. I put the fact that I am a transman, expecting not to get a call because usually when you put that down, people will throw out the application. I got TWO interviews.

At the interview, they asked me about it. I told them I am on hormones and they told me that they didn’t care. Not in the sense that they don’t emotionally care, but that it didn’t matter. I was male and that’s all that mattered. They also told me that they give sex same couples benefits in states that do not recognize them as a married couple.

At my job orientation, I was not misgendered once. Even my supervisors who weren’t sure of my gender avoided pronoun use, which I found only happens when you’ve had pronoun training. They gave me a name tag with my preferred name and didn’t ask questions. I felt safe and respected, which is huge for a trans* person.

TLDR: Target is amazing not just for the LGB, but also the T. Shop there for the rest of your life.

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me as a parent


me as a parent

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